Mac Printers and Scanners

Apple Compatible Printer And Scanning Devices

The most common and essential 'Must-Have' Mac friendly peripheral people need or want to own is often an OSX supported printer. We're closer to the concept of the 'Paperless Office' - but when you gotta have printed hard copy, you GOTTA print.

Multi-Interface Priter Connectivity Compliance

Depending on your choice in printing technology, function and price, Apple compatible printers may feature a wide variety of interfaces for quick wired and wireless connections. USB ports are ubiquitous, and these days even Wi-Fi wireless compatibility is standard in most printers currently manufactured. Optionally, you may find Ethernet or even Bluetooth printing as an option. Most consumers and businesses opt for All-In-One multi-function print/scan/copy combos to consolidate functionality.

AirPrint Compatible Printers In High Demand

With the explosion of Apple iPad and iPhone adoption dwarfing Macintosh sales, the demand for wireless iOS printing has exploded. Apple's standards in automatically recognizing available print devices on a wireless network have evolved from being called Rendezvous to Bonjour to now being called AirPrint. If handheld gadget printing is important to you (in addition to MacOS support), look for Airprint compatibility as a must-have feature in a wireless printer. WiFi Direct is another popular standard for wireless prints from a mobile device.

MacBook Compatible Mobile Printers

Given that 75% of all Macintosh sales are MacBook laptops, the demand for portable inkjet printers is rising. Millions of iPad tablet and iPhone users may want mobile printing solutions as well. Of note, we now have two options for Apple compatible portable COMBO print / scan / copy features in lightweight, battery powered enclosures.

OSX Print Driver Compatibility

Working in concert with all the major printing manufacturers has led to OSX incorporating literally thousands of print drivers into OSX itself for a highly compatible out of the box printing experience. Many printers are instantly discovered and ready to use with little setup or configuration needed.

Mac Compatible Scanner Options

The ability of your Mac to scan photos and documents is also largely ready-to-go with many models of standalone flatbed scanners and multifunction, All-In-One print and scan devices. TWAIN plug-in support was once the leading standard, but in later versions of OSX, scanned image acquistion directly from many apps is incorporated much deeper into MacOS. You may still need to install the vendor's scanning app - but many print/copy/scan/fax MFP printers already bundle scan support within the printer driver itself.

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