Mac Compatible Travel Scanners

Apple Compatible Mobile Scanning Devices

Shopping for a small, portable image and document scanner for an Apple MacBook? Many business users traveling with their MacBook laptops need portable page scanning abilities on the road. Here's some Mac compatible USB and wireless mobile scanning solutions for Apple computer users.
Wireless Mobile ScannerPortable Mini Flatbed Scanner
Epson Wireless Scanner

2-Sided Color Scans
Doxie Flip Flatbed Scanner

Book & Object Scanning

MacBook Friendly Scanning Solutions

A nice selection of mobile scanners compatible with Mac OSX are available: From single-sided to duplex scans, black and white or color scanning, USB-powered or rechargeable, Wireless or USB connected. Some mobile scanners that work on a Mac also feature SD card slots for storing image scans offline. You can then later transfer data off it via USB, using a card reader or SD slot if your MacBook has one.
Mobile Receipt ScannerDuplex Travel Scanner
Wireless Fujitsu Scanner

Portable Mac or iOS Scanning
Brother Mobile Scanner

Color + Duplex + WiFi

Top Portable Scanning Hardware Companies

Some of the major players in manufacturing Mac compatible mobile scanning solutions include: Brother who's long supported the Apple community. Epson, noted for it's excellent imaging hardware. Hewlett-Packard who've had a long commitment to OSX software support. Fujitsu and it's ScanSnap line who've dominated the buisiness market. That said, some new contenders include Neat Receipts and Doxie which are advancing portable scan solutions with web and online cloud support to integrate with things like iCloud, Google OneDrive, or Evernote to instantly place scanned content where you need it - seconds after the scanning is complete.

MacBook Compatible Printer Scanner Combos

Elsewhere on this site we review an emerging category of all-in-one Apple-friendly battery powered portable scanner / printer combos. They're the first multi-function peripherals to incorporate both inkjet printing and sheet-fed scanning into a single mobile device. For some MacBook road warriors, this may be the ultimate combination for specific buisiness tasks. Given their compact size and integration, there can be some tradeoffs over having a separate, dedicated scanning peripheral.