Portable Scanner-Printers For MacBooks

MacBook Compatible Portable Printer-Scanners

An Apple compatible all-in-one portable printer scanner combo with built-in scanning abilities are a niche product for select markets that needs a small and compact A/C or battery-powered scanner/printer for mobile use. There's only been two portable AIO printer scanner combo choices for mobile print, scan and copy needs: Hewlett-Packard's OfficeJet 250 and the Primera Trio. Each offer Mac compatible travel scanning AND printing solutions for the business road warrior. These compact travel peripherals can also be ideal for Apple desktop users wanting a minimalistic multi-function inkjet printer that doesn't take up much space.

Portable MacBook Scan And Print Combo Hardware

Hewlett Packard recently released a significantly updated model of thier mobile MacBook all-in-one printing and copy/scanning solution. The OfficeJet 250 All-In-One now features USB (and instead of Bluetooth) now adds AirPrint compatible wireless and Wi-Fi Direct Mac OSX and iOS device printing. The incuded LiOn battery now completely snaps into and flush with the printers housing. The AC power cord plugs directly into the printer so it no longer has a separate, bulky power-brick. The Print-Scan-Copy OfficeJet 250 features a reasonably large 2.5" color touch display for easy configuration, maintenence and operation.
HP MacBook Printer + ScannerPrimera MacBook Printer + Scanner
HP 250 Portable All-In-One

USB or WiFi Print - Scan - Copy
Smallest Scan & Print Portable Made

2.6 Pound USB All-In-One MFP

HP Portable Printer Scanner With AirPrint For MacOS & iOS

With the newer WiFi wireless 250 OfficeJet model, select MacBook owners (and iOS users) have an ideal mobile copy/scan/print AIO product that finally reached the market that obviates the need to carry a separate Apple compatible portable scanner with their mobile inkjet printer. The 600 DPI scan abilities, print and copy functions are likely high in demand for scanning or printing work-orders, invoices and contracts, or receipt and expense tracking when on business trips. The downside of all this functionality is its heft, making the portable all-in-one the bulkiest of all available mobile printing peripherals currently available.

Primera Portable USB Printer Scanner For MacOS

With the Primera Trio All-In-One joined the compact and mobile battery-powered multifunction portable printing market with what is now the smallest, lightest and most compact All-In-One travel peripheral ever sold. A manual-fed slot atop the front edge of the printer supports sheed-fed 600DPI scans. Unlike the HP 250, the Primera sells the rechargable LiOn battery separately and only supports a directly wired USB connection. It does NOT offer wireless WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity for Apple iOS printing. Also note, the Trio only supports ONE ink cartridge; either black or tri-color, but not both at the same time. In spite of these trade-offs, it's under 3-pound weight and compact size will appeal to users who know that the HP 250 weighs twice as much and is far bulkier to tote when traveling.

Note: Both the OJ250 and Trio portable printer scanner combo devices give you the option of purchasing XL high-capacity ink cartridges - and we highly recommend only buying additional XL carts. You'll get nearly twice the number of prints for only a slight price premium and will save serious money over the usable life of your Apple compatible portable All-In-One printer / scanner. Amazon offers scanner/printer bundles with extra standard or XL ink cartridges and it's smart to buy the bundle.

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