Best Mac Wireless Webcams

Apple Compatible Wireless Web Cameras

A Mac compatible wireless webcam can be a great addition to your Macintosh computer setup. An OSX friendly external wireless web camera like Logitech's Mevo Start can give you far greater versatility in camera placement, viewing angles, and production aesthetics. This isn't the first wireless Mac webcam from Logi, but it took years for this second attempt at the Wi-Fi webcam market to get it right.

Best Wireless Webcam For Mac Solution

Serious web content producers and live streamers are going to LOVE using these new wireless cams to profesionally generate videos in spaces and ways you just couldn't using a conventional Mac webcam.

Wireless Webcam For Mac OSX and iOS - Logi Mevo

Mac Webcam Streaming Over Wi-Fi or iOS Over Cellular

Connect to one or more Mevo wireless controllable cameras over your Wi-Fi network, select one as your video device input source and you're ready to go with nearly any webcam enabled Mac program out there. You can also connect the Logitech Mevo wireless webcam directly to your Mac via USB-C and use it as a conventional wired USB web camera as it recharges if you choose.

Webcam apps for controlling the Mevo are available for both MacOS and iOS. An iPhone can be used to control the camera(s) and optionally live stream direct to social apps like Twitter, FaceBook, Youtube and over over an LTE cellular connection. With multi camera support, you can control the camera cuts and action like a studio director. Switch between 3 active cameras using the MacOS software or iOS apps.

*NOTE* Webcam Mode optionally connected via USB isn't quite yet supported on M1 processor Macs - But they do work as a wired USB camera on Intel Macs. M1 users can connect to the camera over their Ethernet or WiFi network until the USB issue gets sorted out through either an Apple OSX update or Logitech firmware update...

The Mevo is just the beginning of an Apple friendly wireless webcam market that's going to explode. Much like the GoPro action cam market, tons of more affordable alternatives quicky arrived. Logi needs to enjoy it's view from the top while it can, cuz I think low-cost wireless Mac webcam competition is going to heat up.

External Wireless Security Webcams For MacOS

With a typical wired Mac compatible USB webcam having a 3 foot cable, a Wi-Fi camera has it's appeal. Without getting too deep into the Mac security and surveillance scene, suffice it to say Apple's HomeHit is a comprehensive management system allowing all sorts of wireless device control and video monitoring and recording.

Apple HomeKit Wireless Security Webcams

Here are our top HD web camera recommendations for home or office security monitoring on a Macintosh. All are Apple HomeKit compatible to make discovery, configrated and operation of your Smart Home system devices easy. Wireless cameras within WiFi range can make for easier installation as well without having to run ethernet data wiring.

Best Selling Homekit Compatible Wireless WiFi Cameras

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