Fastest Mac ThunderBolt 3 Drives

Apple Compatible ThunderBolt 3 Storage Devices

Shopping for an insanely fast Mac compatible external ThunderBolt3 - TB3 data backup hardware solution? The combination of 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 ports and solid-state storage technology is an ideal match for Mac computers with the new universal Type-C interface. This reversible port connector supports both Thunderbolt and 10Gbps USB 3.1 protocols in a single unifying interface for nearly any type of Macintosh peripheral, old or new. Here we feature Mac friendly SSD backup drives for ThunderBolt 3 (USB-C) enabled MacBooks and Macintosh desktops that are well-suited to TB3's extremely fast data interface.

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Portable GTech Thunderbolt 3 SSD

Super-Fast Stylish Mac Storage

Full-Speed ThunderBolt 3 Mac Backup Drives

Although 10's of millions of Apple Macs and Windows PC's with updated Thunderbolt3 ports have shipped at this point, it took awhile for major storage peripheral manufacturers to ramp up TB3 design, testing and production. The latest NVMe PCIe SSD blade technology blows away previous generation SATA III flash drive performance. It's the ideal match for bleeding-edge ultra-fast Macintosh data transfers.

Fantom Thunderbolt3 SSD Drive For Mac

Insanely Fast 2800 MBps Read Speeds
1050 MBps Under USB-C 3.2

Our Top Pick: The Fantom portable solid-state backup drive features the latest Thunderbolt chipset which also allows it to work on USB-C ports (at 10Gbps speeds.) It's our #1 recommendation and a great option for your new Thunderbolt 3 enabled iMac, Mac mini or MacBook Pro / Air computer.

Screaming Fast ThunderBolt 3 SSD

480GB Capacity - Speeds Up To 2400MBps

Above, CableMatters PCIe ThunderBolt 3 blade drive also delivers excellent Read/Write performance few Mac users have ever experienced. Do note the TB3 cable is permanently attached and there's no secondary pass-through port for other devices. As such it's best directly connected to a modern Mac, or as the last device in a ThunderBolt 3 chain.

OWC Thunderbolt 3 SSD Enclosure

For DIY PCIe M.2 SSD Module

"ThunderBolt 3 Compatible" USB 3.1 Mac Drives

For the average Mac user who's real-word storage needs are far more modest, a USB-C Type-C SSD drive for Mac backups is still going to be insanely fast - and far more affordable.

Low-Cost Thunderbolt 3 'Compatible' USB-C SSD Drive

256GB to 1TB - Speeds Up To 515MBps

For a single PCIe module or even a dual SATA SSD RAID 0 drive, USB 3.1's 10Gbps bandwidth will allow the flash memory to operate at peak speeds. Just make sure the USB-C SSD drive explicitly mentions USB 3.1 'Gen 2' compatibility in it's chipset to indicate it's a full 10Gbps speed device. ('Gen 1' refers to the older 5Gbps USB 3.0 speed standard.)

Thunderbolt3 Compatible USB-C SSD RAID

Dual SSD Modules - Speeds to 770MBps

Intel And Apple ThunderBolt 3 Technology

As initially envisioned, the ThunderBolt specification has evolved at a steady pace during this decade. Transitioning through the original 10Gbps Thunderbolt spec, the 20Gpbs 2nd generation Thunderbolt 2 also used the mini DisplayPort style of connector, and a doubling of Read / Write speeds was possible. With the transition to 40Gbps ThunderBolt 3, speeds are doubled yet again with a new, smaller unifying Type-C connector. With an Apple Thunderbolt 3 to Thunderbolt adapter or dock, you can continue to use your older TBolt devices on the latest TB3 Macs, preserving your legacy data storage hardware investments.

ThunderBolt 3 Backward Compatibility

Remember, a new Mac's Type-C ports speak both ThunderBolt and USB protocols. With an appropriate USB-C to USB-A adapter dongle or cable, older USB 1.1, 2.0 and USB 3.0 devices can be used on a modern ThunderBolt 3 port. Backward compatibility is assured, though older USB Apple peripherals won't derive any speed related benefit. There are also mini DisplayPort to ThunderBolt 3 adapters to help preserve your investment in older ThunderBolt 1 & 2 peripherals as well.

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