Mac USB-C Mouse Peripherals

Mac Compatible USB-C Mouse Pointing Devices

Shopping for a Type-C interface USB-C mouse for a modern Thunderbolt 3 / 4 Mac? A ridiculous variety of Macintosh compatible computer input hardware exists to replace or add an Apple friendly mice and trackball style pointing peripheral. Here's a sampling of some USB-C Mac devices for onscreen navigation.
Affordable USB-C Mac MousePremium Type-C Mouse
Ambidexterous USB-C Mouse For Mac

Scroll Wheel + DPI Adjustment
Satechi 2-Button Comfort Mouse

Scroll-Wheel Optical Mouse

MacOS Compatible USB-C Mice Hardware

A USB-C mouse for Mac users provides a direct, reliable wired connection that doesn't need futzing with battery recharging or Bluetooth pairing like wireless mice peripherals often do. Opto-mechanical mice have largely been replaced by optical mouse hardware that operates more smoothly, requires less cleaning, and is far less finicky about the working tracking surface.
USB-C Mac Wireless MouseCheapest USB-C Mac Mouse
Wireless USBC Mouse For Mac

USB-C Recharging : Programmable Buttons
Basic Mac USB-C Mouse

2 Button + Scroll Wheel

Apple Compatible USB-C Mice

For ergonomic or other comfort reasons, some Macintosh computer users might prefer other, alternative USB-C peripheral input devices to relieve or minimize repetitive strain. A trackball or trackpad allows a more stable, fixed wrist position than a mouse can for less movement and exertion.

USB-A to Mac USB-C/Thunderbolt Adapters

Use Older Mac USB-A Devices

Currently there don't seem to be any with a native Type-C USB-C plug, but you can always use a USB-A to USB-C adapter to use one with modern Thunderbolt equipped Macintosh systems that don't have older rectangular USB-A style ports.

MacOS Compatible Pointing Device Drivers

Apple's own Mouse/Trackpad Preference Pane works not only with Apple's own pointing peripherals but many generic devices and two button mice. If you need more control or have more complex gaming mice and want button and response programmability, check out USB Overdrive a popular 3rd-party MacOS app for mouse control that's been actively supported on the Macintosh platform for well over two decades.

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