Apple TB4 Compatible Flash Drives

Thunderbolt 4 Keychain Flash Drives For Mac

Shopping for the best - call it what you want - Pocket / Thumb / Keychain Thunderbolt 4 flash drive for a new TBolt 4 M1 Mac? There's a great range of flash memory sticks for Thunderbolt 4 (and 3) Macs to deliver blazingly fast TimeMachine backups and quick file transfers. Get up-to-speed with this high-performance SSD-On-A-Stick in your pocket storage.

The Fastest Keychain Drive To-Date
Thunderbolt 4 Worthy Flash Drive

Native Type-C Interface : Read Speeds Up To 1000MBps

Rivaling the performance of every USB 3.2 Gen 2 solid-state Mac backup drive, Kingston's DataTraveler Max series offers, for the first time, that same full SSD performance in a keychain drive thanks to it's sophisticated flash memory controller and chips that leaves any lesser thumb drives in the dust.


Mac Compatible USB-C Interface Flash Drives

Because Thunderbolt 4 and 3 ports 'speak' USB 3.X protocols as well, these Thunderbolt4-ready keychain drives will operate at the optimal speed the port can operate at. USB 3.2 Gen 1 and Gen 2 is currently limited to 10GBps, but new Macs will soon support 40GBps traffic on full USB4 ports as the Thunderbolt 4/USB4 future evolves.

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Flash Drives And Apple Compatibility

Regardless of the form factor, a keychain or thumb drive shops as a platform agnostic device. Already formatted for uuse with any operating system, be it MacOS, Windows, Linux. It will perform as optimally as it can. Apple owners can optionally reformat a new SSD to a preffered format if desired, depending on your Mac model and version of OSX.

Mac Compatible Thunderbolt Drive Companies

For off-the-shelf Apple friendly Thunderbolt 4 ready backup drives, look to brands such as Sandisk, Kingston, Samsung and others offering ultra-high performance flash memory based data storage hardware for Macintosh computers.

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