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Info Gathered From Site Visitors:
As typical with nearly all internet sites, log files and browser cookies are saved on the web server conserving information such as the visitor's IP address, browser type, referring page source and the time of visit. Your web browser; be it Safari, Mac FireFox or Chrome may also store information about your visit depnding on your browser preference settings.

Affiliate Marketing Disclosure:
To comply with Federal Trade Commission requirements and recommendations, this website discloses that its pages may link to affiliate products from which a financial commission might or might not paid upon purchase of the product.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Primarily, we're a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for websites to earn advertising fees by advertising and building links to USA. This site may also participate in other programs by LinkShare, CJ - Commission Junchtion, or the eBay Partner Network.

The products detailed on this internet site's web pages might or might not be suitable for your specific demands. These hyperlinks to featured items illustrate a few items of what is available online and at retail stores. It is not necessarily an implicit recommendation to purchase that specific item. You are soley liable for your own product feature analysis and computer accessory purchasing choices - preferably made by analyzing details from a wide selection of in-store product assessment, print and online resources. We're only part of the puzzle.

Site Visitor Options:
We don't have a contact page, so no E-mail addresses are collected so they can't be kept or used for any other purpose. We do not attempt to gather or keep visitors email addresses for remarketing or spamming purposes.

About Browser Cookies
Cookies are little digital signature files that are stored by your internet browser that permit your preferences to be recorded when visiting the site. Also they could be used to track your return visits to the site. You are able to block cookies via your net browser configurations but this could prevent you from access to particular attributes of this and some other sites. Third party advertising business might also utilize cookies for tracking purposes.

Cookies collected by this site or 3rd party vendors and affiliate interests may be made use of to keep preferences regarding website visitor choices when communicating with the internet site. The info is made use of to enhance the vistor's experience when utilizing the site to feature personalised content and marketing statistics.

This makes up the essence of the on-line web privacy policy and affiliate disclosure and disclaimer for this web site.