Mac USB and Wireless Mice

Mac Compatible Mouse Pointing Devices

A ridiculous variety of Macintosh compatible computer input hardware exists for replacement Apple friendly mice and trackball style pointing peripherals. Here's a sampling of some Mac devices for onscreen navigation.

Mac Compatible USB Mice Hardware

A USB mouse provides a direct, reliable wired connection that doesn't need futzing with battery recharging or Bluetooth pairing like wireless mice peripherals often do. Opto-mechanical mice have largely been replaced by optical mouse hardware that operates more smoothly, requires less cleaning, and is far less finicky about the tracking surface.
Logitech 2-Button MouseMicrosoft Bargain Mouse
Optical + Scroll Wheel

LS1 Laser Optical Resolution
2-Button Comfort Mouse

Scroll-Wheel Mouse

Apple Compatible Mice Alternatives

For comfort or other ergonomic reasons, some Macintosh computer users may prefer alternative peripheral input devices to minimize or relieve repetitive strain. A trackpad or trackball allows a more fixed wrist position than a mouse for less exertion.
Kensington Track BallApple Wireless Trackpad
Trackball For Mac

2-Button Rolling Ball
Bluetooth Trackpad

Multi-Touch Features

Mac Compatible Bluetooh Mice Hardware

An Apple friendly Bluetooth mouse allows cord and tangle-free pointing and is a popular Mac pointing device alternative to a standard USB mouse. There are some tradeoffs with pairing and either battery replacement or recharging issues, but the benefit is freedom from wire tangles and tugging on the mouse's orientation which sometimes happens with wired mice.

Mac Compatible Wireless Mice Hardware

An Apple friendly RF wireless mouse is an alternative to Bluetooth - with a greater operating range and faster response times which may be critical for Mac gaming geeks. The tradeoff is requiring a USB port for the dedicated RF transceiver, and recharging or battery replacement in the mouse itself.

MacOS Compatible Pointing Device Drivers

Apple's own Mouse/Trackpad Preference Pane works not only with Apple's own pointing peripherals but many generic devices and two button mice. If you need more control or have more complex gaming mice and want button and response programmability, check out USB Overdrive a popular 3rd-party Mac app for mouse control that has been actively supported on the Macintosh platform for nearly two decades.