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At -- our team of Apple gurus cut to the quick and feature a focused group of the Best-In-Class and Top-Selling Mac computer accessories, peripherals and gadgets by category. Of the dozens or hundreds of possible choices our labs test and review, we spotlight only select Macintosh peripherals that meet criteria of exceptional quality at premuim price points. We then choose midrange product offering that offer both excellence and affordablity for the average Apple consumer: great computing hardware at a value price. Then, to address the Macintosh user looking for a computing bargain, we identify the best cheap Mac compatible gadgets out there to satisfy your your computing needs while being easy on the wallet.

The Evolution Of Mac Compatibility

Over the years, Apple Computer has both embraced industry standard specifications and pioneered new advances in computing technology interfaces. Historically, they've adopted common interfaces, electronics and API's when it was most technologically efficient, at other times went their own way when existing computer ports and specifications weren't sophisticated enough to handle the computing demands of emerging tech trends. For example, FireWire was critical for the HD digital video and iMovie revolution because USB 2.0 just couldn't reliably deliver 30FPS HD video at the time. Apple has both embraced cross-platform standards to enhance dual PC and Mac compatibility, and at other times eschewed industry standards to develop Mac-specific technologies that met the exacting needs of it's customers.

What Is Mac Compatible?

The phrase "Mac Compatible" once meant a very narrow range of computer peripherals the Apple computer users needed to seek out. But that's certainly expanded over the years to include the vast majority of computing peripherals now available. Apple's growing market-share has made ensuring full Mac compatibility a far more lucrative consumer market to participate in than in the past. With around 4 to 5 million new MacBook laptops and Macintosh desktop systems bein sold each quarter, device manufacturers are finding the Apple computing hardware market to be far more profitable to serve than ever before.

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