Mac Image & Document Scanners

Apple Compatible Desktop Scanning Peripherals

Shopping for a high-quality Mac compatible desktop photo and document scanner for an Apple desktop or MacBook laptop? Those needing high resolution or high-volume page scanning abilities are needed in many MacOS computing environments. Here's some MacOS-friendly flatbed doc and photo scanning solutions for Apple computer owners.

Mac Compatible Flatbed Scanning Solutions

A nice selection of standalone desktop scanners compatible with Mac OSX are available: From single-sided to duplex scans, black and white or color scanning, Wireless and/or USB connected. Although most Macintosh users opt for an all-in-one Printer/Scanner/Copy combo device, business offices or medical professionals in particular may prefer a dedicated document scanner in publishing or graphics studios, in legal and business offices, at front reception desks, etc.

Best Mac Scanner Recommendations

Best USB Powered Image ScannerPhoto Image Doc & Film Scanner
Slim Flatbed Scanner

1-Cable USB Powered
Epson Perfection Scanner

Photo Film & Document Scans

Best Scanning Hardware Device Companies

Some of the major players involved in manufacturing Mac compatible desktop scanner peripherals include: Brother who's long supported the Apple community. Epson, noted for it's excellent imaging hardware. Hewlett-Packard who've had a long commitment to MacOS software support. Fujitsu's popular ScanSnap series who've dominated in the business market. New lesser-known scanner brands from overseas are offering more affordable alternatives for desktop imaging needs.

MacBook Mobile Printer Scanner Combos

For scannign on the go: Elsewhere on this site we explore mobile all-in-one Apple-friendly battery powered portable scanner / printer combos. They're the first multi-function peripherals to incorporate both inkjet printing and sheet-fed scanning into a single portable device. For some MacBook business travelers, these may be the ultimate peripheral for specific buisiness tasks. Given their small size and integration, there might be tradeoffs over having a separate, dedicated scanner device.

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