Mac USB-C Headsets With Microphone

Best USB-C Headsets With Mic For Mac

Shopping for a next generation Apple compatible USB-C headset with built-in microphone for Mac FaceTime, Skype, Apple Dictation, Video and voice conferencing or Gaming? New stereo and mono USB-C mic headsets compatible with the Type-C ports on modern USB 3.1 / Thunderbolt 3 Mac models are reaching the market for Apple computers like recent iMacs, Mac mini, MacBook Pro and Air. As such, there's a growing demand for USB-C mic headsets with mics for the latest Macintosh systems and PC's with the new native Type-C interface.

Premium USB Universal Mac Headset

USB-C Digital + 3.5mm Analog
Single Sided or Dual Earpiece Options

Mac Compatible USB-C Microphone Headsets

Here's a few of what we currently found to be the best USB-C headsets for Mac users voice capture and audio playback:
USBC Headset w/MicUSBC Earbuds w/Mic
Plantronics USB-C Mic Headset

Hi-Fi Stereo Audio
Sennheiser USB-C Mic Headset

Noise Canceling Mic

Stereo Mic Headsets With USB-C For Mac

Above, we see Sennheiser entering the market and Pantronics with it's revised Blackwire series of professional headsets adopt the new Type-C USB-C interface. Note the digital USB dongles support both a digital USB-C or an analog 4 pole TRRS connection making these headset with mic very versatile. Apple standardized on a single 4-Conductor 1/8th inch plug for analog earbuds and headsets with integrated microphones. These dual connector type headsets are usable on the latest desktop Macintosh and MacBook laptops with Thunderbolt 3 ports, iPad Pro's with USB-C - as well as other iPads and iPhones that have a 3.5mm - 1/8" audio jack.

USBC Headset w/MicUSBC Earbuds w/Mic
Apple Style USB-C Earbuds

With In-Line Microphone
In-Ear USB-C Mic Earbuds

Type-C w/Inline Microphone

Earbud Mic Headsets With USB-C For Mac

Smaller, lighter, less visible and less likely to wreck a hairdo - there's a new generation of USB-C earbuds with inline microphones along the wire. The thing to watch out for is unlike an over-the-head, over-the-ears conventional headset where the microphone boom hovers beside your mouth -- the microphones on earbuds can rub against your clothing and add noise.

Single Ear USB-C Headset For Mac

Monophonic Earcup - Type-C Connector

Mono Mic Headsets With USB-C For Mac

Single earpiece all-digital monaural USB-C headsets with mic using the Type-C USB 3.1 / Thunderbolt 3 may be preferred by users who need to keep an ear on one side of their head open and free for coversing with co-workers or handling phone calls.

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