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Best Laptop & Desktop Speakers For Mac

Below are our top recommendations for stylish, full-range USB bus-powered digital stereo audio at your Apple desktop. These are the best speakers for Mac laptop users wanting a hassle-free plug and play solution without the pairing and recharging issues of Bluetooth or loudspeakers with rechargeable batteries. No power supply or AC outlet is needed for a minimum of cabling. Once set up in OSX System Sound Preferences, these USB computer speakers will be instantly recognized for vastly improved audio from your Mac mini, iMac, MacBook or Macintosh Pro tower.
2.0 USB Speaker Cubes Premium USB Speakers
JLab 2-Piece SubSpace

Brushed Aluminum Styling
Altec Lansing Pebbles

Aux In + Volume Control

USB 3.0 High-Powered2.0 Desktop Speakers
8W USB Mini Speaker

Hi-Wattage USB3 Powered
Edifier 2.0 System

Large 70mm Drivers

Above we have some exceptional compact audio solutions such as next generaiton USB 3.0 speakers, some gorgeous brushed aluminum speaker cubes from JLab, Edifier's 2.0 loudspeaker system, and Harman-Kardon's exceptional Pebble's USB dual speaker system.

Portable USB Speakers For MacBook Pro and Air

For better Apple MacBook audio on the go, look to compact, mobile USB powered speaker solutions that deliver pure digital stereo audio and get all their power from a single USB cable connection. These are some of the best speakers for Mac laptop users who travel frequently.
Sound Bar USB Speaker Portable USB Speaker
Edifier USB Sound Bar

Battery or USB Powered Audio
Altec Lansing 2-Piece

Snap Together For Travel

USB Laptop Speaker Compact USB Speaker
Clip-On Notebook Speaker

1-Cable USB Stereo
USB Altec Orbit

Speaker With Travel Case

Above, The Edifier soundbar speaker features an internal LiOn battery for optional laptop-free used with Analog 1/8" input from your iPhone, iPad or iPod. The 2-piece Altec USB loudspeakers twist apart for wide stereo separation, then twist together for portability. For a compact, 1-piece loudspeaker the Orbit features tuck-away USB cable and tilt-up flip stand to angle the sound towards you when desired. Particularly for smaller MacBook Air and Pro models, even a basic and cheap portable USB travel speaker will deliver higher volume and increased frequency response.

Nearly any external USB speaker will sound better than what's built into your Apple MacBook Pro or Air laptop. The best USB speakers for Mac can deliver significantly improved music and audio at your desk, yet be easily taken in your notebook case when traveling.

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