Mac Input Peripherals

Apple Compatible Input Devices

A wide variety of Macintosh compatible computer input hardware exists from both Apple computer and noted 3rd party peripheral manufacturers. Many pointing and drawing peripherals are cross-platform compatible, though some require MacOS-specific drivers or support software to enable full Macintosh compatibility. Some are designed for desktop use, while others may be more compact and designed with MacBook portability in mind.

Mac Compatible Graphic Tablets

From casual sketching and artwork to professional 3-D modeling, architectural drafting, mechanical drawing and illustration - an Apple compatible graphics pads and pen tablets provide creative freedom, expression, and accurate, fast drawing abilities that creative and design professionals using MacOS need.

Mac Compatible Mice and Trackpads

The venerable computer mouse first featured on the Apple Lisa computer and brought into the mainstream on the very first 128K Macintosh remains a popular means of controlling the onscreen pointer. We've come a long way from the first 1-Button mechanical mouse to ergonomic, multi-button, touch-sensitive, wireless and optical sensing - we've seen huge advancements in this often preferred pointing method. Touch and guesture sensitive track pads from both Apple and 3rd-parties are growing in popularity thanks to familiarity with using them on Apple MacBook laptops.

Mac Compatible Keyboards

For many, the Apple brand of wired USB or wireless Bluetooth keyboard is a fine choice. Particularly the latter since iOS devices like the iPad tablet, iPhone or iPod Touch can benefit from using an external Bluetooth keyboard that supports not only Mac, but also iOS specific functions. However, 3rd-party Mac specific keyboards are also available that are worthy of consideration from vendors such as Logitech, MacAlly, Adesso and others. In a pinch a PC/Windows USB or Bluetooth keyboard can work on a Mac, although some keys and functions may not be properly mapped or supported at all.

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