Portable Printers For MacBooks

MacBook Compatible Portable Printers

Apple compatible portable printers are a niche product for select markets that need a small and compact A/C or battery-powered mobile printer for use on the go. There's not alot of choice here for travel printing needs, but Canon, Epson and Hewlett-Packard each offer iOS and Mac compatible travel printing solutions for the road warrior. They're also ideal for desktop users wanting an unobtrusive, minimalistic inkjet travel printer with USB, WiFi wireless direct, and AirPrint compatibility that doesn't take up much desk space.

Mobile AirPrint Canon Printer

Pixma TR150 Portable Inkjet For Mac

Portable MacBook Printers From HP

Hewlett Packard recently released significantly revised models of thier mobile MacBook Pro or Air printing (and copy/scanning) solutions. The 200 & 250 now feature USB and wireless Wi-Fi Direct and Airprint compatible Mac OSX and iOS device printing instead of Bluetooth, and the battery is now completely integrated inside the printer rather than snapping onto the back. The OfficeJet 200 printer features a 2" LCD grayscale control panel, while the Print-Scan-Copy OfficeJet 250 features a slightly larger 2.5" color display.
HP MacBook Mobile PrinterHP MacBook Printer + Scanner
HP 200 Portable Printer

USB And WiFi Printing
HP 250 Portable All-In-One

WiFi Print - Scan - Copy

Epson & Canon Mobile MacBook Printer Options

Slimmer, trimmer and lighter than HP's mobile print peripherals, Canon and Epson offer viable alternatives for USB AirPrint or WiFi Direct printing from an Apple iPad, iPhone running iOS or any Mac or MacBook Air or Pro running OSX.

Canon MacBook Mobile PrinterEpson MacBook Travel Printer
WiFi+USB Canon Travel Printer

WiFi Direct + AirPrint Compatible
Epson Mobile Printer

WiFi Direct IOS/OSX Printing

HPRT & Phomemo Mobile MacBook B&W Thermal Printers

These alternative Black and White ONLY thermal printers might be right for select Mac users. Both offer mobile Bluetooth printing from an Apple iPad or iPhone running iOS, or a MacBook Air or Pro via USB. Note they require special paper so best to order as a BUNDLE . They're not color inkjets in any way, shape or form.

Phomemo MacBook Mobile PrinterHPRT MacBook Travel Printer Bundle
Phomemo Mac Travel Printer

Thermal Paper Printing Tech
HPRT Mobile Printer

Thermal Transfer Tech

Canon Portable Printer With AirPrint

For many years, Canon Inc. was the primary, sole-prodiver of a Mac compatible mobile printing solution with it's BJC 'BubbleJet' color inkjet printer. It was resonably compact with a USB port, an optional, separate bolt-on battery and Bluetooth wireless printing module for mobile wireless use if desired. Sucessive generations led to the Pixma travel printer lineup. The latest is the wireless portable TR150 Pixma, a revised iP110 WiFi mobile printer with Apple AirPrint and WiFi Direct support. The TR150 will be a popular choice for mobile MacBook professionals who simply MUST print on the road in their line of work.

HP Portable Inkjet Printer With AirPrint

Eventually, Hewlett-Packard entered the Mac compatible portable printer market with various iterations of it's chunky but compact, "OfficeJet" mobile printing line. The various models offered a choice of USB, USB plus Bluetooth, USB plus Wireless connectivity depending on the model #. The currently shipping edition - the OfficeJet 200 offers both a battery-powered printer with USB and WiFi direct wireless printing included in a chunky but reasonably compact form factor weighing in at around 5.5 pounds.

HP Portable All-In-One Printers With AirPrint

HP released BOTH a Mac compatible portable scanner AND printing solution: First in it's 150 model and now a newer 250 AIO model. For select MacBook Pro or Air users, this has been a long-desired mobile copy/scan/print product that's finally reached the market that obviates the need to carry a separate Mac Apple compatible portable scanner and printer. The copy functions certainly come in handy, and the scanning abilities are likely high in demand for receipt and expense tracking when on business trips.

Epson Portable Printer With AirPrint

With it's WorkForce WF-100 model and it's revised WF-110, Epson finally joined the compact and mobile battery-powered printing market with what is now one of the smallest, lightest and most compact AirPrint and Wi-Fi wireless direct travel printing solution ever offered.

Unlike HP and Canon with 'Bolt-On' battery options, Epson incorporates the USB rechargable LiOn battery directly into the printer housing, not attached on the backside like the others. Do note that the WF100 and 110 have an excess ink maintenence box that needs replacing periodically - an added expense above and beyond mere ink replacement.

Previous Generation HP Travel Printing Peripherals

The OJ100 and OJ150 were replaced by the updated and Wi-Fi enabled wireless direct HP OJ200 and HPOJ250 models. You might be able to find a deal on these now discontinued models which use USB or Bluetooth connectivity.

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