HD TV Tuner Cards For MacOS

Mac Compatible HD TV Tuners

The Mac computer TV tuner market for the USA has changed radically in the past few years. The popularity of online streaming, YouTube, subcription-based TV programming, and online movie rentals has changed the landscape for those using an Apple Macintosh computer to watch, record and edit televised content. Sadly, if you're still interested in acquiring your own HDTV content, fewer hardware options for television capture that are compatible with MacOS remain.

Best USB TV Tuner For Mac OS

Even though their intellecutal property been sold to Geniatech, ElGato's world-class Mac DVR software EyeTV v3.6.x is still available and now bundled with Geniatech's EyeTV U6 USB TV tuner stick for ATSC - North American reception. As such it's the #1 choice for most Macintosh users wanting to watch, record, time-shift, edit and export free over-the-air antenna HD reception programming in the United States. MacOS 10.9+ - Mavericks on through Mojave is required to use the latest (4.0 BETA) version. It's unclear how well or if it operates under Catalina.

Geniatech U6 Mac Compatible TV Tuner

Antenna HD Reception & Recording

Apple Compatible OTA HDTV Tuner Boxes

With fewer Mac friendly USB computer TV tuner options available, it may make more sense to look to standalone over-the-air HDTV reception and recording devices like the network attached SiliconDust HDHomerun Duo. Just connect it's ethernet port to your wireless router and attach a TV antenna.

Silicon Dust Dual HDTV Tuner Box

Two Users Watching TV At Once

One or more internal tuners handle the tuning functions - and you can then access the live televised content from your Apple iPad, iPhone, MacBook, iMac or Mac mini/pro desktop computer using Silicon Dust's HDHomeRun DVR software With dual tuners, someone else in your home or office can view or record another channel independently. The HDHomeRun also works for DVR recording (only) with Plex media software for MacOS.

Mac OSX Compatible TV/DVR Software

Aside from the Silicon Dust and Plex apps mentioned above, the long-popular EyeTV app is included with the U6 USB HDTV tuner stick, but is also available for purchase separately. Be sure to download the latest version to assure optimal operation. For those who may own other legacy Ethernet and USB TV tuner hardware that EyeTV historically supported, it's not clear if Geniatech is still supporting all the other 3rd-party TV tuner cards, boxes and sticks that it once did.

Antennas For Mac TV Tuner Peripherals

For free over-the-air reception in USA / North American metropolitan close-in urban areas, an affordable indoor HD antenna for their Apple compatible HDTV tuner stick is likely all you need to snag a dozen or more ATSC channels and sub-channels locally. Those living in 2nd and 3rd tier suburbs may need or want an amplified indoor or outdoor HDTV antenna for thier Mac compatible TV tuner card.

Long-Range HDTV Antenna For Mac TV Tuners

USB Port Powered HD Signal Amplifier

For those living further out, typically a much larger and more expensive outdoor antenna is needed. Rooftop masts and mounts, remote controlled antenna rotators and additional telvision signal amplification may be needed to have satisfactory over-the-air Mac HD TV reception and recording abilities.