Mac Compatible Video Devices

The Macintosh is a popular platform for video editing, capture and conferencing to both Apple consumers and professional videographers and film makers. A wide range of Apple compatible video gear

External Videoconferencing Webcams For Mac

Though many Apple computer models such as the MacBook, iMac and Apple Cinema displays feature a built-in iSight webcam, you might be frustrated by the limited camera positioning viewing range. External Mac webcam alternatives can improve your experience, or provide specialized webcam alternatives such as document cameras, USB microscopes, or business-class group conferencing with speakerphone functions.

Explore some of our recommended Apple compatible web camera recommendations to take your online chat, video capture and group videoconferencing experience to the next level.

TV and Video Capture Gear For Mac

Watching television on a Mac is a popular pasttime. Of the myriad of ways to watch TV shows and movies. The transition to downloadable content has put a squeeze on the Mac compatible TV tuner marketplace. For those who want the functionality of a DVR recording solution, products are still available.

Other Macintosh owners may want to acquire video footage from a wide range of legacy devices and formats such as VCR, DVD, Camcorders. For them FireWire, ThunderBolt or USB Analog to Digital video capture devices can help transition older content into workable digital format for editing, exporting and repurposing on their Mac.

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