Mac Video Capture Hardware

Mac Compatible Video Devices

An Apple compatible analog to digital video capture device can help you grab or transfer video data from a wide variety of video and audio devices.

USB Video Capture Dongle For MacOS

For Macintosh owners with older analog video gear such as a VHS VCR, Camcorder, or DVD Player, a low-cost USB capture gadget can help transfer content onto your Mac for digital editing, transcoding and saving to nearly any desired digital file format.

Mac OSX Compatible Analog Video Grabber

Composite RCA and S-Video Connectors

These grabbers are typically USB 2.0 capture dongles with Analog RCA audio and video as well as S-Video input jacks for use on a wide variety of analog gear. As long as they're UVC - USB Video Class compliant, nearly any Mac compatible video capture app will list these as an available device source in their Preferences section.

ThunderBolt Video Capture Box For MacOS

Professional Mac users are likely seek higher-end solutions for their video grabbing, processing and capturing of higher resolution 720p and 1080p HD content.

10GBps Black Magic ThunderBolt Video Grabber

10-Bit SD/HD with HDMI, Component, Composite & S-Video

Pro users are more likely to seek out Apple certified USB 3.0, 3.1 and ThunderBolt video capture boxes that can handle the high-bandwidth demands of high-definition video streams and audio as well.