Mac Audio Capture and Recording Devices

Apple Compatible Audio Capture and Playback Devices

Apple computing isn't just a visual experience of what's happening on-screen. Audio plays a hugely important part of our Mac computer experience. Audio peripherals tend to have a high degree of MacOS and iOS compatibility whether it's Analog, USB digital, Lightning or Wireless sound connectivity depending on your Apple device.

External Speakers For Mac

The loudspeaker(s) built into every MacBook and desktop Macintosh often leave much to be desired. Better sounding full range portable or desktop computer speakers are a popular Mac accessory to get more out of your computer audio experiences. Here at The Mac Compatibility Labs we'll feature some of the exceptional Analog Digital USB and Bluetooth wireless speaker systems worth exploring.

Mac Compatible Microphones

The inbuilt microphone of many (but not all) models of Macs may be 'good enough' for your sound capture needs. But when you need to up the quality for music and vocal recordings, podcasting, speech recognition and dictation - You'll want a higher quality external mic that's Apple compatible. Primarily, we feature USB computer microphones which provide easy connectivity and configuration.

Headsets For Mac - With Built-In Microphone

Whether it's for personal music listening on your Mac, voice control gaming functions, or leveraging Apple dictation software for accurate speech to text recognition, an Apple compatible USB headset with mic is a great addition to your collection of Mac accessories. Explore our top recommended headset for Mac options.

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