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Apple Compatible Web Cameras

An Apple compatible webcam can be a great addition to your Macintosh computer setup - even if your iMac or MacBook already have a built-in iSight camera. An OSX compatible external web camera can give you far greater versatility in viewing angles and camera placement, as well as improved video quality.

External USB Webcams For MacOS

For a webcam to be fully Mac compatible, it needs to conform to the UVC - USB Video Class Device Specification. All recent versions of OSX Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite - as well as MacOS Sierra include low-level OS support for any UVC compliant webcam. This adherence to, and broad adoption of the UVC video device standard by many webcam manufacturers in recent years has made true Macintosh compatibility plug and play easy, with no camera driver install needed for basic camera funcitonality on any Mac that has USB 2.0 or SuperSpeed USB 3.0 ports.

Best Selling Mac Compatible Webcams

Here are our top three HD web camera recommendations for videoconferencing on a Macintosh. All are UVC - USB Video Class compliant for driver-free operation on Mac OSX 10.5+ or higher.
Premium Mac HD WebcamHD Mac Conference CamBest Cheap Mac Webcam
Wide Angle HD Web Camera

High Quality Image And Sound
Conference Webcam For Mac

Pan - Tilt - Zoom + Remote
HD 720p Autofocus Webcam

Noise Cancelling Mic

Best Quality Mac Webcam

Logitech's latest camera refines state of the art in Apple video chat. Razor-sharp 1080p HD resolution, H.264 hardware video compression, an optical quality Ziess glass lens, excellent color and light sensitivity, and dual high-quality microphones. It's smooth and rapid autofocus puts the C930e head and shoulders above most competitor's autofocus webcams. It features a wider 90 degreee Field Of View to make 2 or 3 person conferencing easier and also features a standard camera tripod mounting hole for stable placement. It's the sucessor to the current best-selling Mac compatible webcam, the Logitech C920 - which is still available and a lower-cost alternative.

Premium Videoconferencing Webcam For Mac

Whether it's for business conferences - or for naughty adult xxx video chat - the MacOS friendly ConferencCam Connect is a state of the art Apple compatible webcam with motorized pan, tilt and zoom functions operable from a battery powered handheld remote control. Great light sensitivity, and sharp image are superlative. The webcam's base also incorporates a full-duplex speakerphone, with echo cancelling microphone functions for quality audio around the room or conference table.

Best Affordable HD Webcam for Mac

Macintosh users looking for the best price on a quality Apple compatible HD webcam should consider the very affordable RocketFish HD-WEB model. With a 2MP sensor, great color fidelity and light response, it also has a smooth autofocus and a pleasantly sounding microphone for well under $25. It's overall performance is comparable to, or beats the Apple iSight HD built into our labs MacBook Air on every level. An amazing value in a UVC compliant Mac friendly external webcam.

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