Mac Compatible Keyboard Devices

A wide variety of Macintosh compatible computer input hardware exists, though its important to shop carefully for truly and fully Mac-supported keyboards with appropriate keytops and markings. Windows keyboards can work in a pinch, but they're far from optimal.

Mac Compatible Bluetooth Keyboard Hardware

For even more flexibility with other Apple devices besides your Macintosh, Bluetooth is a great option for both MacOS and iOS use with different Apple gadgets. The tradeoffs are periodically replacing batteries or battery recharging issues. However, once Paired Bluetooth devices are remembered after the initial pairing process.
Bluetooth Compact KeyboardMac+iPad+iPhone BT Keyboard
Mac or iOS Adesso Keyboard

Apple Specific Keycaps
Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard

3-Device Rapid Switching

Mac Compatible USB Keyboard Hardware

A USB keyboard for Mac provides a reliable wired connection without the need for futzing with batteries or recharging. Some Apple compatible keyboards include additional USB 2.0 ports for convenient ability to plug in an iPhone, iPad, card reader or other USB backup device.
Mac Keyboard With USB PortsMac+iPad+iPhone Keyboard
MacAlly USB Keyboard

Dual USB Ports
Low-Profile USB Keyboard

Mac-Specific Key Caps

Mac Compatible Numeric Keypad Hardware

Accounting geeks and number freaks decidedly prefer full-sized Mac compatible keyboards with dedicated numeric keypads, or optionally a separate USB or Bluetooth numeric keypad for heavy data entry sessions. For a reliable, quick connection and simplicity, a wired USB keypad that's designed for Macintosh desktops and Apple MacBook notebooks adds instant numeric data entry ability without the need to install any MacOS drivers. Just plug one in and it's ready to use:

Aluminum USB KeypadLow-Cost USB Keypad
Satechi Aluminum Keypad

Matches Mac/MacBook Finish
iHome Cheap USB Keypad

With 000 & Clear Keys

Mac Compatible RF Wireless Keyboard Hardware

If you're willing to give up a USB port to support the RF transceiver, some Mac users opt for the speed and reliability of a radio-frequency RF device. There's not alot of Mac compatible choices here, though Logitech has supported 2.4Ghz Mac RF keyboards and mice. Currently they offer a RF + Bluetooth combo keyboard with iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch stand integrated for RF Mac use or Bluetooth use on iOS or OSX.

Multi-Device Wireless Mac Keyboard

With Unifying USB RF Transciever